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Getting the activation key of Windows 10

Cleaning up the leftovers from the previous installation

You will notice that Windows 10 is without any trace of your previous installation of Windows, which is stored in the Windows.old folder.

We now remove once and for all this last vestige of the previous installation. To do so, run the disk cleanup utility as administrator.

Just a warning before proceeding: deleting these files will be impossible to go back to the previous version that was installed, but in any case I don’t think you would want to do this same …:)

Select the corresponding options, and then click OK. OK, the previous installation was removed and a good disk space was recovered. The same procedure windows 10 activation key can also be done from utilities such as CCleaner.

Getting the activation key of Windows 10

Most likely you noticed that it was not required to sign in with a Windows activation key 10, however there are ways to see which key is currently applied to Windows with the help of third-party software. A quick Web search shows dozens of programs and options used in this example the freeware Keyfinder. Install the program and run it, the activation key will be displayed in the field CD Key. Save it for future needs.

Reinstalling Windows 10

If you need to reinstall Windows 10 there are some options. The most practical without a shadow of a doubt is through the reset utility operating system present in Windows itself, which creates a new clean install of semi-automated way operating system. Check out the post about how to use this feature.

However if you prefer to reinstall Windows in the traditional way through the installation media, you can also. Boot the PC by the media and whenever required the activation key click jump.

… and Do it later.
The installation process itself is identical to that of any other modern version of Windows. Upon its completion the operating system should identify what has been accomplished in this equipment get windows 10 activation and automatically reactivate. Detail: may take some time for this to happen. If this does not occur, no way even after you have been waiting for several days, you can try to force the activation by providing the key generated after the first installation, which in this instance was obtained with the Keyfinder software.


To do so, open the system settings applet and then the item to update. Select the activation option and click the button to change the genuine windows 10 pro product key. Provide the key, Windows will activate.

Just out of spite: installing for the first time directly from the installation media

Even with the guidance from Microsoft that the first installation of Windows Update version 10 should be made from a previous version of the system, I decided to simulate what it would be like to install it from scratch without a previous version. The biggest problem in this case is that without a prior installation Windows 10 does not generate an activation key and get in the way of evaluation (trial), as can be seen by running the command slmgr/dlv (at the command prompt as an administrator), in the License Status.

However another line caught my attention, the Remaining rearm count SKU. I remembered when Windows 7 was installed in evaluation mode for 30 days, and that the command slmgr-rearm it allowed to restore the time of evaluation, and that in the case of Windows 7 could be run up to three times. So I decided to test whether Windows 10 also offers this possibility: I advanced the date of the equipment in a few days and ran the above command, which ran successfully:

Rebooted the system and ran the slmgr/dlv: the counter was decremented for 1000 and Windows continued windows 10 serial keys operating normally, within the evaluation mode:

Really it’s hard to say whether it will be possible to use the Windows 10 home product key in ad eternum evaluation mode, but at least this release build there is strong evidence that Yes. But it is something that Microsoft can easily solve with a simple update system, so you can’t tell blindly with this possibility.

windows 10 windows 10 activation key

Installing and configuring Windows 10

Support for Microsoft’s beloved and recognized the seventh version of the OS came to an end, and an attempt to replace her eighth ended in complete failure. Bad users responded to the innovation Metro and awkward menu. As a result, the whole world eagerly awaited release next, tenth version. At the moment there is an opportunity to test virtually working operating system absolutely free. Installing and configuring windows 10 slightly different from previous versions, so a small instruction comes in handy.
Table of contents
Technical Preview-what does this mean?
The installation process windows 10 update
Check result updates
Technical Preview-what does this mean?

At the moment Windows 10 is in the testing phase. Completed release users do not exist. Operating system distributed freely, it provided for criticism and discussion. However, this may cause some functions, so it is not recommended to install it on your work or home computer for permanent use. At the moment Windows 10 Technical Preview is not for the novice and experienced user who can spot the problem and to report on them.

In addition, you can use 10 OS completely new browser Spartan, which has vast superiority before Internet Explorer and it should be a great competitor in the browser market.

There are two ways to go to be tested: windows 10 product key

Installing windows from scratch in 10 separate section or as the primary operating system;
Upgrade from earlier versions to the tenth. Testing has shown that this type of installation is available for both seventh and eighth version of the OS, and all user content without problems.
The installation process

If you are going to update your system with the eighth or seventh version, you need to prepare the Windows Update option. For this purpose it is necessary to turn to Microsoft’s site and download the latest version of Windows Update, and then install it.

Before you install windows 10 from scratch, you will need to download the ISO image and burn it to a bootable USB flash drive by analogy with earlier versions of Windows. But this way it is unlikely you will come in handy, since the use of this system in the form of sole or principal is not recommended before the end of the test period.

Now, when everything is prepared, you are ready to upgrade to windows 10. Start the process in the same way as you install the update for your operating system. For this purpose it is enough buy windows 10 product key perform the following sequence of actions: get windows 10 product key
Go into Control Panel, OS;
Open Windows Update settings;
Start the installation of the next version of presentation;

The system will be tested, using data already installed Windows. As well as verifies the compatibility of the computer settings and the availability of free space;
After you click install, you will need to cheap windows 10 pro keys confirm your decision and schedule update or proceed immediately to him;


The amount of installation package is large enough, so time may depend on the speed and quality of your Internet channel;

After the download is finished, the computer must be restarted, after which the windows installation process starts 10;

After the end of the installation process, the operating system will congratulate you with the return.

The whole process of updating to the new version may take from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the specifications of your computer. More often than not is the longest jump of renovation, during which you may experience outages or staging server Microsoft, resulting in breakage. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for the full download updates on a PC with preloaded the appropriate option, and then run Windows Setup quietly 10. It will already be with the hard drive.

Check result updates

Verify that the installation was successful, you can not only on the external interface, which is a combination of all the best qualities, such as the convenience of the seventh version, portability and adaptability of the eighth, but and in system properties.

The new operating system has a very interesting option that you will probably be interested in. It not only allows you to select the required updates for system components, but also switch using Update on different operating systems, or rather their assemblies.

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Windows 10 still raw. It is in testing and refinement, so don’t be surprised if something does not work. But this version is completely free and will allow you to become a software tester.

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